Animations & Interactions

We can use different levels of interactions for your courses, depending on your specific requirements and budget.
    • Passive Interaction:
      The learner acts solely as a receiver of information. The learner is required to read the text on the screen, view graphics, illustrations, charts, and use the navigational buttons to progress forward through the program or move back.
      Engagement techniques include:
      • Multiple choice exercises
      • Pop-ups
      • Mouse hovers
      • Simple animations
      • True/false exercises
Limited Interaction: The learner makes simple responses to instructional cues. The eLearning includes learning activities listed in Level I as well as scenario-based multiple choice and column matching related to the text and graphic presentation.
Engagement techniques include:
  • Scenario-based multiple choice, drag-and-drop, matching exercises
  • Application simulations not requiring the learner to enter field data but merely follow a process or procedure
  • Interactive animations where the learner has the ability to investigate