Content Development (e)

Content development is a serious matter and at 3i Logic, it involves various elements as discussed below:
Audience Focused:
For any course to be effective and result oriented, it must be audience focused. Before we start, we get all the relevant details about the audience i.e. their age group(s), work experience, educational background, cultural sensitivities, familiarity with computers and various eLearning design elements, expectations from the course and other relevant details.
Learning Environment:
For effective results, we must know if the course is to be used as part of Blended Learning or Self-Paced Learning.
Instructional Design:
Who will provide the subject matter? We specialize in certain areas where we can develop the content and get it approved from you. In several cases, we can find Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for you and work with them. If you have your own SMEs, we can work with them. In all cases, our eLearning experience and expertise help in producing the most effective learning experiences.
Subject Matter Expertise:
Effective Instructional Design is at the heart of our eLearning course development for which we mostly rely on the ADDIE model. The ADDIE model consists of five phases Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, which represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools.
Content Writing:
We write the content “for eLearning” keeping in view the audience and the learning environment (blended versus self-paced) instead of using power point slides actually made to support a classroom training.
Content Elements:
We use a good mix of sound theory, relevant examples and live cases. We support learning by including Checklists, Exercises, Downloadable Documents for further reading, Reference Material and Links, Glossary and other elements appropriate to achieve the desired objectives.
Evaluation Mechanism:
Depending on the audience and topic, we incorporate evaluation techniques such as short questions, True/ False, MCQs which may be graded.