Customized Course Development

We design, develop and deliver eLearning courses that are based on effective instructional design, combine sound theory with practice, and are specially tailored to your needs. 3i Logic can develop, design or re-design courses across various disciplines, as per your requirements. This includes the following services:

Complete Solution

Here you provide us the subject and details about its utility at your organization, target audience and objectives. We provide you the complete solution including Content Development, Visual Design, Interactions and other elements.

Visual Design & Interactions

You provide us the content and we develop its Visual Design and appropriate Interactions. We develop the content as per your requirement, add games and quizzes and do the visual design and deliver it to you.

Conversion of Training Courses into eLearning

Here you would have the content originally made for classroom based training. Using our experience and expertise, we will structure and rewrite the content to suit eLearning. This will also include the Visual Design.

Course Redesign

We revamp your courses by adding substance to the content, giving it a fresh look through visual design, interactions and other elements.

Technical Outsourcing

Here you may simply like to utilize our technical expertise such as:
  • Syncing audio to the course for specific authoring software or LMSs
  • Optimizing images and graphics to ensure files do not become heavy or crash
  • Ensuring that courses are SCORM complaint
  • Building custom images, games, interactions and player skins.