Custom eLearning

Technical Outsourcing

If you have ever made an eLearning course, you would know how small technical issues may wreak havoc. We have hands on experience with various authoring tools and learning management systems and we ensure that all technical hiccups are anticipated in advance. Our courses ensure:
  • Conversion of PowerPoint courses into SCORM format using authoring tools.
  • All customized courses are SCORM Compliant, allowing their running on any LMS
  • Also accessible via Web through individual secured logins
  • Putting time limit on the courses

Complete Solution

For a comprehensive and one stop complete solution, we are there to help. All you need to do is to provide us your learning objectives and learners profile and we will do the rest.

Visual Design

Is content written and developed before the visual design? Or visual design dictates how the content is written? Well, in our experience, the best results come when Content Development/ SMEs and the Visual Design teams interact at the commencement of the project and brainstorm and this is how we work.

Theme Development:

We develop your course theme as per the subject, audience and your preferences, ensuring that that all course elements conform to the same. We listen to your ideas and share our own. As per the terms of the contract, we can provide multiple samples to choose from.

Corporate Branding:

Of course, if you like, we will ensure conformance to your corporate branding too.

Effective Use of Sketches & Images:

Do you prefer images or hand drawn sketches? We possess in-house expertise and skills to provide you with unique images and sketches.

No IPR Violations:

With us, you can be assured that any design elements we use will not violate any Intellectual Property Rights. In fact, depending on your requirement and budget, we will suggest you the sources for design elements.

Content Development

Before developing content, we learn about your audience and the learning outcomes you are expecting. With in-house resources of experienced instructional designers and researchers, we offer content development expertise in many disciplines. Our team of professionals is also well experienced in working with client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to combine the expertise and develop content that maximizes learning outcomes.

With our experience and expertise, we understand the differences in developing and writing content for various forms of learning and delivery mediums. At 3i Logic, content design and development go hand in hand. Our content developers are well versed with various design techniques and elements, sharpened through our collaborative in-house culture where our content development, design and technology teams work in close coordination with each other.