Moodle Cloud

MoodleCloud is the cloud-hosted solution for your learning environment, ideal for small to medium users which require a solution for up to 500 learners.  In addition to the hundreds of standard features in Moodle, MoodleCloud packages and plans come with additional plugins and tools for engaging, fun and interactive learning.

MoodleCloud features

Fast and easy

Signing up and building your site will take you minutes and you don’t need a credit card. Register quick and get going immediately!


Give your learners a great user experience and enable them to learn from their devices when and where they need it.

Powerful educational tools

Choose from our catalogue of resources, activities and collaborative tools to create engaging courses. Add assessments and custom certificates to verify your learners’ progress.

Hassle Free

We take care of backups, updates and security so you don’t have to.

Cost Effective

Plans start from $80/year with unlimited Courses & Activities. We’ll never charge you any hidden fees or additional costs.

Showcase your brand

Customise your learning environment with your organisation’s name, logo and colours.

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