Moodle Plugins

3i Logic has a long track record in developing innovative Moodle plugins that extend the capabilities of your Moodle LMS.  The Moodle plugins developed by 3i Logic are offered to clients mostly as part of overall Moodle package but sometimes as on a standalone basis too.  Here are some of our most popular Moodle plugins:

Moodle Themes

3i Logic’s responsive Moodle themes make your Moodle sites visually appealing and friendly, while allowing your own branding too.

SOP Management

This plugin allows creation of a repository of SOPs and their sharing as per herarchy besides managing version controls.

SMS Notifier

The SMS Notifier allows you to send SMS notifications to your users with a single click from your Moodle LMS.  Integrations are possible with telcos around the world.

LogiQuiz Analytics

Offering different versions for education and workplace learning, LogiQuiz provides insight into many areas through pre-made reports and filter based systems.

Learning Plan

Recipient of Moodle Reviewer’s Choice Award, allows designing of individual learning paths by adding eLearning, classroom trainings, seminars & on the job trainings, with tracking options.

School Information System (SIS)

This Moodle plugin allows a single platform that manages both administrative (admission, fee, attendance etc.) and learning activities.

Course Status Tracker

The Course Status Tracker allows tracking of completed and enrolled courses of students.

Competency Framework

By defining competencies at the outset, this plugin has applications in recruitment, learning and appraisals.

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