Content Development

eLearning content development is a specialized field, requiring up to date knowledge, experience and expertise in Instructional Design, Content Creation Tools, Project Management and a host of technical challenges.

We ensure that your content is:

  • Interesting and engaging
  • Optimized for your LMS and website
  • Multi-device friendly
  • Compliant with global eLearning technical standards and best practices
  • Efficient for data storage, hosting & distribution
  • Easily editable





eLearning Courses

Learning Games

We offer the following content services

Content Conversion

We convert your wealth of existing knowledge (training presentations, manuals, product information, policies & procedures) into eLearning content.

Content Development

We will develop content for your specific needs.  Our experience and expertise will complement your knowledge to bring out great results. 

Content Library

You can buy content from our eLearning library or from our global partners on a variety of topics.

Content Management

With our ongoing content management services, you benefit from a world class team taking care of all your content needs. 

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